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Hi everyone! We're the team at Wundr. Each one of us has had wild, ambitious goals since we were kids. But as children none of us was an extraordinary overachiever or a prodigy. So to match our ambitions and live the life we wanted to live we had to work out way up. Through many self help books, podcasts, TED talks, and habit apps we worked on and improved our skills, work ethic and confidence. What we found out is that success in life doesn't require some complex, magical formula. Each of us came to the same conclusion on their path: to be successful and improve your life you need inspiration from people who are where you want to be, you need a detailed plan on how to get their, you have to write it down and track your progress and you have to share your goals with friends who will help you and hold you accountable. And we believe that going through countless books, videos and talks and then using paper journals and habits apps is not a very efficient way to get there.

The self-improvement industry is growing rapidly, but the content is very decentralized. It is spread along various blogs, books, Youtube channels, personal websites, Instagram accounts, and podcasts. The time to value is extremely high - and we want to change that. To explore new routines or life hacks, you might have to look for book recommendations or listen to long podcasts, without knowing what you will get out of it. On Instagram or Youtube you have to hope that the algorithm will recommend something interesting, but even then this content will be placed between memes and cat videos.

In the end, we've never found a tool that gave us the right inspiration, motivation, and environment to help us get where we wanted to go. So, we decided to build our own. At first we built it for ourselves, and started to see great our motivation and improvements. Soon after, our friends wanted in on the fun. Now, you too can get in on the action. Sign up below to join our waitlist and get early access into the community.

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